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Technics PR804 Digital Ensemble

Are You Inspired By Excellence & Innovation?

What an incredible instrument! Technics PR804 is the last of a rare breed, developed based using the remarkable sounds and operating systems of all the keyboards that came before it. Read about PR804 in the Ensembles pages, coming soon.

Featured Downloads

Technics Instruments

Technics keyboards are well-known for high-quality sounds and features that were ahead of their time.

Much of the information about these superb instruments is disappearing but there are many happy owners out there and the aim of this site is to gather together as much information as possible about each model, hear them play and play them ourselves!

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Technics U90

It’s a beast! It is barely Digital having been introduced in 1981 as the U90 and 1982 and the amazing-looking silver Technics Pro 90, with extravagent space-age styling and voluminous amplified speakers.

And what Brian can do with it!? No touch sensitivity, no fancy articulations and no drawbars! He coaxes quite a performance from what would might be considered as a 30-year-old Retro instrument. It was the first Organ I ever played on stage, at 16 years of age. However, definitely not with Brian Sharp’s accomplished, witty aplomb! I only saw Brian playing twice, both times on the Kawai T30, absolutely tremendous.